Android’s work chat app is getting an overhaul

An Android-based chat software called Achatz, which previously supported only Android 4.0, is getting a major overhaul.

Achatx is now the work chat software of choice for both businesses and non-profits.

It now allows users to post work updates and make new ones, so they can get in touch with coworkers and friends.

The team behind Achatxt said the move will make it easier for people to communicate and collaborate.

The company said the new system is based on machine learning and “creates an intuitive and reliable experience for users.”

It added that the new features are now being used by over 600 organizations.

As for its long-term plans, the team said the software will allow employees to send work updates for up to two weeks, which is similar to Google Hangouts.

The new system will be available in a beta for several months, according to AchatX.

It will eventually go into production for Android devices.

A big upgrade to the software’s UI The new Achat X feature brings the app’s interface to a new level.

It’s now much simpler to navigate the app and will show you a list of all the work you have done.

This new feature allows for the creation of multiple work chats, so you can keep track of all your work in one place.

It also lets you send work as soon as you receive it.

For more details, check out AchatXT’s announcement post.

This article was updated to reflect Achatxs new features.