Why I’m leaving Microsoft for Amazon (AP)

Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, +0.00% is planning to sell its voice-activated technology, called Alexa, to Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant company, Amazon Echo.

The deal would be the biggest shakeup in Amazon’s hardware business since the company launched a $500 million purchase of Echo in 2015.

Amazon will sell the new technology through Amazon’s Echo App store, a new website and Amazon’s Amazon Fire TV streaming box.

Amazon said the move was in the company’s best interests.

“We’re pleased to be working together to bring Alexa to consumers and to accelerate the introduction of the Alexa App,” Amazon said in a statement.

The Amazon Echo App, which has not been officially launched, will work with Amazon devices that include a microphone, speakers and voice-enabled control.

“With Amazon Alexa, customers will have the power to control their Amazon Echo devices with their voice,” the company said.

“Alexa can read messages, search for books, answer questions, control your music, and more.”

In announcing the deal, Amazon said it would begin offering Echo App and Alexa in October.

Echo App lets customers control devices from home to work, and Amazon said that the app will be able to learn new skills, such as when you speak.

Amazon also said that Amazon Fire and Echo devices will come with Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities.

Echo, which is used to control voice-operated devices such as smart televisions, will also include a voice-control feature.

It will include Alexa, the company added.

The new deal also comes amid growing concern over the increasing popularity of Amazon Echo products, particularly in the home.

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning that some companies, such the Amazon Echo, were selling products with no legitimate reasons for selling, and were misleading consumers about the functionality.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a recent blog post, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos wrote that the company was working on a “truly groundbreaking product” for Echo, adding that it was aiming to bring Amazon Echo to the masses in “the coming years.”

The company has been trying to expand into home appliances and digital video recorder (DVR) units, which are increasingly popular among the tech and entertainment industries.

Amazon Echo is expected to go on sale in 2019.

Amazon’s other software unit, Echo Dot, will continue to sell software and services for the Echo and Echo Dot devices, the Washington Post reported.

Echo and the Echo Dot will be sold separately.

Echo Dot has a much higher price tag than Echo, but Echo Dot users can purchase both devices for $35 per year.

Amazon recently launched a video app called Alexa to help users learn about products, services and products.

The app is currently available in more than 100 countries and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Amazon has not announced a price for the new Echo App.

Amazon is also expected to launch a new streaming video service in 2019, the Post reported, citing unnamed sources.

The Echo App has been available on the Google Play store for a year.

The company will begin offering Alexa in November.