Microsoft is shutting down its chat software for Windows 10.

Microsoft has decided to end support for its Windows 10 chat software that has been available for some time, a Microsoft spokesperson told TechRadar.

Microsoft has announced it will shut down the Microsoft chat software as of May 6, but some people who use the software on Windows 10 will continue to use it.

Microsoft said it will end support in late 2018.

The chat software will be replaced by an alternative chat software called Microsoft Chat for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Chat for Android, which is compatible with Windows 10, is available in the Apple App Store for free.

Users who have a Microsoft account can also log in with a Microsoft email address.

Microsoft’s decision to shut down chat software was not unexpected, according to the company’s statement.

It has been a big hit on Windows phones, which have made a strong push in the mobile space.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said that Windows 10 was “a very important product for our enterprise customers, and we are committed to delivering it.”

He added that the company is “confident that the software we’re building for Windows and the enterprise will have a wide audience.”

Microsoft is also looking to sell off some of its Windows-focused businesses, which include Skype, Office 365 and its SharePoint cloud computing platform.