Patriots owner Kraft says his company won’t be selling its game-day apps

Patriots owner and Chairman Robert Kraft said Tuesday that his company has no plans to sell its apps and game-streaming platform for NFL games.

“The NFL is a big part of my life,” Kraft said in a statement.

“We’re not going to sell our apps and we’re not selling our games.

I’ve worked with NFL teams for years and they have never sold our apps or our games, so this is our last chance.”

Kraft said that his team has a “very good relationship” with Google, which has “been a fantastic partner in this effort.”

“We are not selling anything, but our relationship with Google is a very good one and they’ve helped us to keep it going,” Kraft added.

The move comes at a critical time for the NFL and its players, who have struggled to find new ways to keep fans engaged with the game.

The league’s appeal to more casual fans is fading and its ratings have dipped as fans switch to streaming services like Netflix.

Kraft, who owns a $5.4 billion stake in the Patriots, said he expects the NFL to eventually sell its mobile app, but for now he plans to remain a supporter.

“I’m not selling my app,” Kraft told CBS Sports’ Peter King in a recent interview.

“My app is going to remain, and the NFL is going out there and making its case for why it should stay.

I am a fan.

That’s why I support it.”

Kerry Karp, the NFL’s chief financial officer, said in an interview with The New York Times last month that the league is in talks with Google about the sale of its mobile apps.

The company said in March that it would sell its business to Microsoft for $1.2 billion.