What are the biggest security risks of the Windows 10 Creators Update?

A couple of security updates have landed in the Creators update, but the biggest one is the new chat tool that allows users to join a chat session, as well as the new video chat feature that allows videos to be played on the screen and shared on social media.

Microsoft has also updated the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Teams Hub apps, as part of the Creator update, to fix issues that could have allowed users to use those apps to gain access to their account.

Microsoft also said it would continue to update the Outlook app to improve privacy and security, and that it is now working on an update to improve Cortana.

The company also released a fix for a rare bug that could cause the Cortana voice search to not work properly on a PC running Windows 10 Pro.

The bug is reported to be a side effect of the new Bing voice search that uses a custom-built machine learning engine to learn about the user’s speech and the user is not the one in control of the Bing search.

Microsoft said the fix is “coming soon.”

It’s important to note that the update is rolling out as a new set of updates.

So, there are some security updates that aren’t part of a new Creators build and that should be applied after updating to the Creates update.