Which Android apps are best free of spyware?

A new Android app that lets you use the Android browser to share links to online files and photos without having to install spyware, is set to hit Google Play on Friday. It is the latest example of the growing trend of free software that allows users to share content online, […]

How to Get Chat to Work for You

Chat software can help you use your phone more effectively.It’s available in both free and paid versions.The best way to get the most out of chat is to use it properly.We’ve got a detailed guide on how to use chat for a variety of different tasks.Free Chat Free chat software […]

A man has been sentenced to death for his role in a sex chat software scandal, with a judge ordering his execution after he was convicted of rape and attempted murder. The case comes as India grapples with the growing scourge of sexual violence.

The trial of the accused, who is alleged to have been one of India’s most popular chat-hosts, saw the jury deliberate for more than an hour on Monday before delivering a verdict in a case that has touched on many of India, and the world,  for centuries.The jury found the […]

How to find out if your Reddit account is being hacked

We’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Reddit’s bot system, a program that lets users search for bot messages, then “upvote” the posts that match.While that sounds pretty neat, Redditbot is actually pretty bad for Reddit.For one, it doesn’t work.This is a huge problem, because Reddit’s search system is […]

Why do Australians prefer Twitch to Google Now?

The software that manages Australia’s online chat networks, crm, has been upgraded to a newer version.The move comes after a major trial of the chat software that monitors Australians’ online chats was cancelled after the Australian Government became aware of potential security vulnerabilities.The trial, run by Australian technology company Quora, […]

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