Chat software company Clearone has raised $50M in Series B funding from Twitter and Yahoo!

Clearone’s software lets users control and send text messages and calls from smartphones.

It was developed by Yahoo!

subsidiary Cleartone Communications.

Cleartone’s founder and CEO, Michael Pincus, has been at Twitter for five years.

Pincu told CNBC the company was interested in the company’s software for voice chat because it would enable users to be connected with other people in real time.

Twitter declined to comment.


CEO Marissa Mayer said she was pleased to add a major Silicon Valley startup to her board of directors.

PINCUS said he believes there are more than 100 million people using Skype in the U.S., and he thinks it’s important to build the right solution for everyone.

“We think the voice is really important, especially for young people,” Pincuse said.

“They need to have an online presence, but also be connected.”