Facebook’s new messaging app makes the world less safe for hate speech, says a group

The Facebook app that will be launched next week makes it easier for people to share hate speech online and even for Facebook to remove hate speech itself.

The social networking site will offer a new messaging tool that will allow people to “share their deepest fears and hate in a new way,” according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

It also makes it possible for people who hate groups or hate speech to anonymously share their hate and support their friends’ views.

The messaging app, known as Messenger, is a tool for people sharing and communicating their deepest concerns and fears.

It is designed to connect people with like-minded people in the world, according to the Facebook website.

It is the first time a social network has built a tool specifically for hate.

It comes as Facebook has struggled to stem the wave of hate-related violence and threats that have been pouring into its platform in recent months.

The company has been under pressure to do more to curb hate speech and the recent election of Donald Trump has reignited fears about how it handles hate speech on the platform.

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it had taken down a number of fake accounts, including one that appeared to be linked to white nationalist Richard Spencer.

The company also said it had removed a number, including accounts that shared white supremacist memes and other hate speech.