How to set up a Skype account with Windows and Windows Messenger

You can set up Skype account for free with the Microsoft Windows Messenger app for Windows 10, Microsoft’s mobile-focused chat app for the Windows operating system, Microsoft announced Tuesday.

Windows users who own the free Messenger app will be able to access Skype in a couple of ways, the company said.

They can send and receive voice messages from a Microsoft account.

They will also be able send and accept voice calls.

But they will not be able use the Skype app for voice and video calls, as they cannot be signed into a Microsoft Account.

The free Messenger App is available on the Windows Store and on the Microsoft App Store for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Microsoft announced the app on its blog.

Microsoft’s Windows Messenger service allows users to send and share text messages, chat, and videos with one another using Skype.

It also offers a free app that lets users view and manage all their contacts, organize them, and make quick calls.

Microsoft said the free app is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

While Skype is available in the Windows 10 mobile app, Microsoft said that Windows 10 users can also use Skype on the new Xbox One.

Microsoft has not said whether it will offer the Xbox One on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Home.

Microsoft’s app is one of the biggest additions to the Windows app store, and it is available to Windows 10 PCs and tablets running Windows 10.

The company also launched a free mobile app called Windows Mobile Messenger, which was designed to be a companion to the free Windows Messenger App.

Microsoft also announced the Xbox Play Anywhere app, which it said will allow users to buy games from the Windows store.

Microsoft has also added the Cortana app, an assistant that is now integrated into the Windows phone app.

Cortana will be available in Microsoft’s Windows Phone app for Android and iOS.