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Telegram software has been acquired by Google, the company announced.

Telegram software is a secure messaging app developed by the German tech giant.

Google bought Telegram from a Chinese company in 2018, and the deal closed in 2021.

The new acquisition, which includes Google’s messaging platform, Telegram, means that Telegram will be able to offer its users the ability to chat with more than 4 million other people in a group.

It is also the first app to be acquired by a major tech company that also owns a messaging platform.

The acquisition, first reported by TechCrunch, comes at a critical time for Telegram as it works to grow its user base.

Google is working to roll out its Android messaging platform on more devices.

Last year, Telegram announced that it had 1.4 billion monthly active users.

The company has also been developing its own messaging app, Hangouts, which has more than 60 million monthly active user numbers.