Twitch is looking to stream a lot of games!

Twitch has started looking to get into live streaming, and according to a new report, they plan to stream more than 100 games a month.

Twitch has been trying to stream games on the platform for a few years, and recently announced a new Twitch Game Live streaming service called

However, it appears that they have finally decided to do it.

According to VentureBeat, Twitch is currently looking to bring its live streaming to more than 1 million users.

While they are currently looking for people to stream at least a portion of their games, they’re also looking to give users a chance to stream some games as well.

Twitch is also looking for more content creators to stream.

Twitch isn’t currently the only live streaming service out there.

Zynga announced a similar service in November.

It seems that Twitch is aiming to be a bigger player than Zyngas Game Live.