Which BlackBerry Messenger software to download and use to connect to a blackberry?

BlackBerry Messenger, the popular messaging service built into a BlackBerry smartphone, is now available for download and uses a custom chat application.

BlackBerry Messenger is a popular messaging app for the iPhone, and a number of popular apps, including WhatsApp, can be used on the phone as well.

The app lets users chat with people in the same room, and can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App Store.

While it is not available in the United States, the app is available for Android and Windows Phone, according to the BlackBerry blog.

The blackberry Messenger app was developed by BlackBerry and is used by approximately 300 million users worldwide.

The Blackberry Messenger platform is designed to make communication easy and secure, and has a rich user community of over 2 billion.

It has been downloaded more than 150 million times, according the BlackBerry Messenger app.

The BlackBerry Messenger application is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry PlayPad, BlackBerry Q10, and BlackBerry Z10.

The software has been available on some BlackBerry devices for some time, but the app has been made available on phones with only a few features, like messaging and phone calls.

BlackBerry said in a statement that it will be releasing more software for the app over time, including new messaging and calls apps.

Blackberry also plans to release an Android app in the coming months.

BlackBerry has been one of the top smartphone makers in the world since 2010.

The company reported its first quarter earnings on Tuesday, with revenue of $7.7 billion.

The latest earnings come after BlackBerry was the subject of a lawsuit filed by Samsung earlier this month.