How to make a free chat app for Android

You’ve probably been using a chat app on your phone for years now.

You can use it to chat with friends, share photos, browse the web, and more.

And now, it’s getting a little easier to make one.

Now, you can easily build a free app for your Android phone or tablet.

Here’s how.


Make sure you’re on the latest version of Android, like Lollipop.

Most apps are now released on Google Play.


If you’re not using the latest Android version, you’re going to need to download the Google Voice app, a free, Android-based messaging app that lets you make voice calls to other Android phones and tablets.

Google Voice is a cross-platform chat app that works with most popular messaging apps.


If your Android device is older than the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, you’ll need to upgrade to Android 7.1.


If that doesn’t work, you may be stuck with a Google Voice login that’s not supported on Android Marshmallow devices.

Google is actively working on a fix for this, but it could take some time.


Install the Google Messenger app from the Google Play store.


Open up the Google Google Voice Settings app, select the app you want to build, and then tap Build for the app.


Now you’ll see the Google voice button at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Build button to build the app, and you’ll get a pop-up asking you to select a name for your app.


Once you’ve selected a name, press the Build to build your app, which will take a few minutes.


When the app is finished building, you will see a message on your Android smartphone.


Now that you have your Google voice app built, it’ll ask you to send an email to your Google Voice account.

To do this, you need to enter your Google account password.

You’ll see a new screen when you tap the Send button.


After you’ve entered your Google password, you should see a Google chat icon at the top of your Android screen.

Tap the icon to send your message.


When you receive your message, the Google chat app will prompt you to sign in.

If it doesn’t prompt you, then the app isn’t compatible with the Android Marshale operating system.

If this doesn’t happen, try signing in again.


Once your Google phone or tablets are ready to send messages, you just need to tap on the notification shade on the top left of your screen to open up your Google+ page.

Tap on the message you want, and Google will send you a link to your profile page.


You’re done!

Google is now adding more and more messaging apps to Android Marshales Marshmallow platform.

You don’t have to wait until Google Voice finally gets a Marshmallow update to start using these apps, but you can now make one with Google Voice.

You might want to add some stickers to your chats to add a little more personality.