Online chat software developer Discord to invest $250M in US company

By Tom Hester/BloombergThe software company that is building a rival to the popular chat software Slack, Discord, has announced an initial investment of $250 million in the company.

The money is the latest round in a wave of private equity investment by a Chinese tech company in US technology companies, which has created a wave in China-focused venture capital.

The investment is the first for Discord, the company behind the popular video game chat app.

The company is also developing a chat software called “Twitch”, which it hopes to launch by the end of 2019.

Discord, a platform for connecting people around the world to one another, said it would spend the money on acquisitions to expand its global network and improve its user experience.

The $250-million investment will help the company expand into new markets, including Asia, Europe and Africa, Discord said in a statement.

“We look forward to building a stronger community that supports our goals of creating the world’s most popular and engaging online community for video game players and developers alike,” Discord CEO Yifan Wang said.

The move comes as Discord is in talks with investors about a $300-million acquisition of the Chinese-based social game maker Baidu, according to people familiar with the matter.

Discord said it has not made any decisions on the acquisition.