When chat software costs $50,000, can it save your job?

A new chat software company is launching a business that could help keep your job.

The company, called ChatOps, says it is using a technology called Open Chat and has raised more than $50 million in funding.

ChatOps says its software is a great way to talk to people and share information.

“ChatOps’ software allows you to be more efficient, more productive and more productive at your job,” said a company press release.

The tech company says it uses a technique called “forward chat” to deliver information to a user who is on a different device.

The technology uses a “fence-like layer” of technology that keeps users in sync and avoids the need to switch devices frequently.

The company says this helps it keep costs down.

The $50K company says its product has been used in more than 40 countries.

“Our products and services allow you to share information with a broad audience of people at your fingertips.

Our software is ideal for business users, developers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to keep their job.

ChatTechs software is affordable, easy to use and extremely customizable,” the company said.

ChatOps is a subsidiary of SoftLayer, a startup that makes software for large corporations.

SoftLayer is also behind the popular chat service Slack.