Drift chat software to be rolled out to Apple’s iPhone app

The iOS app of the Drift chat platform, which allows users to share photos and videos, is coming to Apple users’ iPhone app soon, according to the company.

The app is available on the iOS App Store and will be available to download on March 25.

The app allows users who have previously installed the Android version of the app to join the app for free, but the app also requires an iOS device, according a screenshot provided by the company’s blog.

Apple’s new app will allow users to access a number of other apps for the Drift platform, including a chat forum and a community chat app.

The platform is available to use for free on iOS, Android and Windows devices, according the blog post.

The Drift chat app is similar to the one that lets users communicate privately with other users.

Users can post messages or photos using the app, and can send them to others who are members of the platform.