First chat software costs $200,000

Chat software for Microsoft and Apple’s Apple TV is now available to purchase for $200k, making it the cheapest, most powerful software that will ever be available for Apple TV.

The company said on Thursday that it is launching the software, which was originally announced in June, on the same day as the upcoming Apple TV release.

The software, called AppleTV Chat, is the first time the Apple TV has received its own dedicated software, but it’s still not the first, nor is it the only software to be released by Microsoft.

In July, Microsoft announced a software suite called Microsoft Chat, which it said would be “the next logical step” to its Siri-like assistant.

Microsoft Chat is similar to Google Hangouts, the voice-activated chat software Microsoft launched in 2012 that allows users to interact with each other in a virtual chat environment that uses conversational AI.

Microsoft’s own chat software for Android devices, called Skype, is also compatible with the AppleTV.