What are the differences between Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s WhatsApp and Apple’s FaceTime software?

A look at what is included and what is not.

Google, which makes Skype and other similar Skype-based services, has added an optional app called “Google Voice” that lets users use the app on their own devices.

Microsoft’s Skype app also lets users send voice messages and photos to people they meet on the service.

Apple’s iPhone app lets users share pictures and videos with friends, family and coworkers.

The Google-owned messaging service also lets its users send and receive voice messages, chat, photos, videos and music to each other.

Google Voice is the company’s version of Microsoft’s Hotmail.

But unlike Hotmail, Google doesn’t make its own apps for smartphones.

Instead, it relies on Apple’s iOS App Store, which has more than 1.5 billion apps.

Google’s App Store has been slow to get more popular and popular apps have been slow in getting added to the platform.

But with Skype, Microsoft is taking a step in the right direction.

It is adding Google Voice, a standalone Skype app, to its popular messaging service.

And unlike Hotmails, Google hasn’t added FaceTime or Apple’s iCloud Photos app to its chat app.

“With Skype, you can actually use voice for texting and chatting,” Google said in a blog post.

“That means you can get your text messages to your friend or family member on Skype and have them receive the same messages on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.”

While Google has also added some features to its own Messenger service, like a more personal assistant, there is no “personal assistant” on Google’s Skype apps.

“Google Voice lets you send and get voice messages from your Google account.

You can also send and use voice messages with your friends on Google Chat and other Google services, such as Google Maps and Google Calendar,” Microsoft said.

“With Skype and Google Voice you can send and share photos and videos, and we’ve added a feature that lets you control the volume of voice calls you make.

And Google Voice lets your voice ring whenever you want to.

You can find the full list of features here.

Microsoft added a Google Voice app to Messenger, as well.

Microsoft has also launched an App Store for its own Google Voice services, with over 200 apps available.

Microsoft’s new app includes support for Skype, Hangouts and Google’s own YouTube.

Microsoft says the app will be available in the US in early 2018.

Google also announced it would offer more chat features to the iPhone app.

The iPhone app now includes Google’s Voice and FaceTime chat features, as does Skype.

Microsoft also has added support for Google’s Messenger, Hangout and YouTube apps to the Android App Store.

The new features will only work with Android phones running iOS 8.3 or later, Google said.

Microsoft also announced an update to Skype, which it said would be rolled out to all iOS devices running iOS 7 or later.

Microsoft said it will continue to improve the Android app and said its goal is to bring the best of Google’s services to the phone.

The company said it was working on the feature to be available as soon as possible.

Microsoft recently announced that it was rolling out an update for the iPhone and iPad that brings the company one step closer to a Skype-like app for the Mac.

Microsoft is working on a Skype app for Mac, but it won’t launch that app until after the launch of Windows 10.