What to expect from ‘Oasis’ in a few months

The next generation of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be called the Internet at Home, a startup that aims to deliver an online-only home for all devices.

The platform is based on the technology that powers Facebook and Amazon’s Alexa, which can turn your smart home into a personal assistant, shopping assistant, fitness tracker, music player, and much more.

A “virtual kitchen” of sorts will allow users to cook meals in their own home and control them via their smartphone.

It also includes apps for shopping, gaming, home entertainment, and health.

The company is backed by venture capital from Facebook, Amazon, and venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, as well as funding from investors including Amazon, Qualcomm, and Google.

The home-focused platform will be unveiled at CES, where it will compete with the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

We’ll have more from CES in the coming weeks.

The startup is launching a beta version of the platform in partnership with a group of hardware partners, and will be announcing more details at CES.