Freebuddys chat software has a problem

The Freebuddy Chat is a free, open source chat software that lets users talk to each other without the need to pay for a license.Its a free and open source software and its been used by thousands of people for more than 20 years.Its one of the most popular free […]

Apple Inc. to open Apple Pay in India

The smartphone maker has announced it will launch a service in India in the coming months, which will offer payment options including cash and credit cards, as well as a range of online services.The Indian government’s new payment app, which is not yet available in Apple Pay, allows consumers to […]

How to make the best car chat software

Automotive chat is all the rage, and Google’s new voice-activated cars will be the next big thing.We’ve already covered how to get the car to use voice, but how does Google’s AI-based technology work?Read moreThe company announced that its Autopilot car-to-car software is now the first car to be able […]

How to Avoid Getting Hacked on Group Chat Software

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